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Following the recent natural disaster that occurred in the state of Kerala in India in August 2018, and as decided in the past with similar events that could affect a large number of retirees and beneficiaries, the Fund has decided to grant a one-time special Emergency Fund payment to those affected to help offset some of the hardship faced as a direct consequence of the disaster. If you believe you qualify for this or one of the other Special Emergency Fund Payments listed, please click on the country that concerns you:

India/Kerala – Flooding in August 2018

Sierra Leone – Mudslide in August 2017

Mexico – Earthquakes in September 2017

Countries affected by - Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria in September 2017

If you were affected by another emergency or natural disaster, please refer below for more information and the Emergency Fund booklet for detailed information and guidance on the application criteria and process.

Download Emergency Fund Booklet

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