Statement of Benefits

Upon a first-time request from a retiree/beneficiary, the Fund issues a so-called annual Statement of Benefits. This is NOT the Benefit Entitlement Letter. For information regarding the Benefit Entitlement Letter, please check the Separation page.

This statement is useful for tax purposes as it provides the total amount for benefits paid during the calendar year (USA and Canada) or the 12 months tax period concerned (Europe).

The statement provides the total amount of benefits paid in the given tax period BEFORE deductions for After Service Health Insurance (ASHI) have been applied (where applicable).


How can I obtain a Statement of Benefits providing the total amount for UNJSPF benefit paid to me during a given tax period?

  • Statements of Benefits are issued only upon receipt by the Fund of a first written request. You can submit your request via the Fund’s website and CONTACT US page; on the page, complete the Contact Form with all the required information and select the menu item ‘Annual Tax Statement/ Statement of Benefits’ from the topic list (under “How can we assist you?”). 
  • Based on such request, the Fund’s Financial Services (FSS) will issue the annual Statement of Benefits and once issued send it to your official mailing address on file with the Fund. 
  • Once the statement has been issued, you can also access (view, download, and print) the statement under the DOCUMENTS tab inside the Fund’s Member Self Service (MSS).
  • Once you have requested the Statement of Benefits for the first time, the UNJSPF will automatically send you the required information each year, usually one month following the end of the relevant fiscal year; no further requests are required from you.
  • In the meantime, you could also access the information of all payments made to you by the Fund since the implementation of your benefit under the DISBURSEMENT tab inside MSS.
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