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New virtual Pension Townhall Sessions to be offered by the Fund starting in 2024

10 January 2024

The Fund is launching a new initiative aiming at providing regular virtual pension information sessions open to its global membership. The purpose is to ensure that UN participants, and all retirees and beneficiaries can learn about pension related rights, processes and requirements, essential pension tools, and gain a better understanding of their Pension Fund and pension rights. For the most up-to-date information, please check the dedicated Pension Townhall Sessions page.

What are these pension sessions about?
Starting in January 2024, we will offer a series of virtual pension information sessions for UNJSPF members worldwide. This initiative is designed to provide members with essential knowledge about their Pension Fund and pension rights, focusing on pension essentials during participation, separation and in retirement. Different sessions will target different topics and be relevant to different audiences.

Who can attend these virtual pension sessions?
These sessions are open access, meaning, anyone who is a member can attend the sessions that are relevant to them; no pre-registration will be required. There is a limit of 10,000 attendees per event.

In which language will these pension sessions be?
Sessions will be held either in English or in French, the two UNJPSF working languages. Information about upcoming sessions such as the language, the agenda, and the link to join is available here.

Can I submit questions during the event, if I don’t understand or need more information about a topic?
Yes, these sessions will offer live moderation of Q&As, allowing audience members to submit their written questions during the event which will then be answered in writing by a team of pension experts during the session. Questions should not be personal, as the Fund cannot address in-depth individual situations during the events; instead, questions should help clarify the topics that are being discussed.

How can I join and when?
All events will be held virtually via the MS Teams Live platform, ensuring easy accessibility worldwide. Detailed information about upcoming pension sessions, including registration links and schedules, are available here.

Will the sessions be recorded?
Yes, each session will be recorded, and the recording will be posted on the Fund’s website after the event. The recording of the most recent event, “UNJSPF Pension Essentials for Participants” in English, which took place on 17 January 2024, is now available here.

When will these pension sessions take place? Is there a calendar?
In 2024, the Fund will offer one session per month, on average, usually on Wednesdays. A calendar of the pension sessions planned so far is posted here.

When is the next session taking place and what will it be about?
The second session of the series will take place on Wednesday, 14 February 2024, from 8 am to 10:30 pm EST. This session will be in French and cover “Essentiels sur les pensions pour les participants”. Click here for more information, including the link to participate.

Like for the first session, we will also send a direct email with relevant information and the link to connect to all UN participants for whom we have a work email address on file.

What is the programme for the next event?
The next pension townhall will offer a comprehensive overview of essential pension information for anyone who is currently a participant in the Fund. More details are provided in the below agenda. Please come join us to learn about your pension!


  1. Overview of the UNJSPF and the UN Pension Scheme 
  2. Key pension definitions and factors: learning to ‘speak pension’ 
  3. Participation in the UNJSPF: all you need to know 
  4. Overview of the main UNJSPF pension benefits 
  5. Overview of other UNJSPF benefits, including for disability and survivors 
  6. Pension tools demo: UNJSPF website & Member Self-Service (MSS) and How to contact the Fund

How can I prepare to get the most of this session?
You are strongly encouraged to prepare by accessing your UNJSPF Member Self-Service Account (MSS), where you can download your most recent Annual Pension Statement under the ‘Documents’ tab and run an estimate of future entitlements under the ‘Estimates’ tab. Having these documents (as well as your most recent salary slip) at hand during the session would make following the session that much more meaningful. Should you need help accessing your UNJPSF MSS, please contact the Fund via the email addresses provided on the MSS webpage ( or, to request your UID number).

The Fund’s Client Services (CS) is the first point of contact for all client queries reaching the Fund via the official UNJSPF contact channels. The team also processes a range of inquiries relating to participant and beneficiary activities and is responsible for outreach to UNJSPF clients worldwide. CS receives and addresses all queries reaching the Fund from over 220,000 participants, retirees, and beneficiaries worldwide. To contact the UNJSPF with your pension questions, please only use the official contact channels provided on the Contact Us webpage:

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